10 absolutely essential truths about relationships that you should never forget

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
  1. Don’t waste your time arguing over pointless things

In the beginning, we tend to be much more accepting of what our partner says or does. But after some time, when the initial excitement of the relationship is over, you might reach a point where every single thing you say to each other gets misunderstood. The things you found cute in the start are annoying you now and you pick on the slightest chance to start an argument with each other.

Do you realize how much happier you’d both be if you just let the small things go and stay as accepting as you were in the start? Stop wasting your time in pointless arguments. Stop saying things you probably don’t even mean. And stop releasing your anger and frustration on the one person who can end all of it with just a simple hug.

You shouldn’t expect another person to change into exactly what you want.

Love your partner for what they are and not for what you can change them into. Every person is unique and comes with their own set of flaws and imperfections. If you feel like you can never accept them for the way they are, then that’s your problem and not theirs.

  1. Your life will be better off if some people just leave

If you feel like some people just drain all the positivity from you, if all they’ve ever given you is constant betrayal and insults and if you hardly ever feel happy around them, then stop believing that they’ll change. Stop giving them another chance over and over again. Stop thinking that your life depend on their existence and just remove them from your life.

  1. Appreciate the people who never left your side

Even if it’s been a year or more with your partner, tell them every day how much you love them. Tell them how happy they make you. Tell them all the things about them that you absolutely adore. The people who are here for us, the people who never left our side, these people are the ones who deserve all our attention. They deserve to know how much we value their existence.

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