10 abusive behaviors that might seem like love, but never are

Misty Renee Posted a year ago

2. When they say “I want to take care of you”

    Your partner keeps insisting you to stay home all the time or forbids you from going to work or even school and justifies all of it with some kind of ‘sweet’ reason. They want to take care of you or they feel like you deserve someone who can provide for you. They want you to enjoy your life and not work at some annoying job every day.

    What you need to gauge here is how much choice do you really have? Keeping all of their justifications aside, would they still let you work if you really wanted to? If the answer is no, then maybe your partner just wants to keep you away from education, work, and your own income so that it will be harder for you to leave.

    3. Looking for excuses to take a fresh start

      A fresh start can turn out to be amazing for a relationship, but not always! It can also take the form of abuse, and a way to control your partner’s life. Abusers often find an unexpected job or an unbelievably good reason to move to a completely new place where their partner doesn’t have the support system of their friends and family.

      4. Phrases that start with “If you really love me, you will…”

        This line is the start of the most typical form of manipulation. It sounds very innocent. It usually starts with something simple and once you agree to the first thing, the demands keep on getting bigger and more difficult and this phrase eventually turns into a powerful tool for control. You can’t prove your love to someone by doing things you don’t want to do, things that seem wrong to you, things that you might even regret! If someone really loves you, they won’t ever need to use these manipulation tactics to get their way. *Continue reading on next page*

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