10 abusive behaviors that might seem like love, but never are

Misty Renee Posted a year ago

5. Suicide Threats

    This is the most extreme form of manipulation. If your partner keeps telling you how much they love you, how they can never live without you, and how they’ll kill themselves if you ever think of leaving them, it is definitely NOT something romantic. It’s only abusive.

    And more often than not, these will only be empty threats. If someone is ever ready to kill themselves, you won’t hear them screaming it out to the people around. These threats are just a way to control your decisions.

    6. Explaining their irrational behaviors with “I just want what’s best for us”

      The above line might make your heart melt but when you’re in an abusive relationship, this line really means “I just want what’s best for me”. It can be used to justify a lot of abusive actions, like persuading your partner to cut off all ties with their family or persuading your partner to hand over all their money to you. In situations like these, just reflect upon whether the things they’re doing are actually good for you, or if they’re only good for your partner.

      7. The line “I want to have a family with you”

        Okay, this one might have you thinking that I’m just a cold-hearted person who thinks of every single dialogue as a way of manipulation but you’ll be surprised at how often this line is used just to control decisions. Some people actually use it as an excuse to force their partners into having sex even when they’re not ready, or to persuade them into keeping an unwanted pregnancy, or even to stop them from leaving.

        If your partner actually wanted to have a complete family with you, they would know how to respect your choices and your body. *Continue reading on next page*

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