10 Body Language Signs That Show She Is Falling For You

A Posted a year ago
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8. She lowers the pitch of her voice when talking to you.

Studies have shown the females will lower the pitch of their voice when they are conversing with men that they are interested in. This is meant to convey intimacy and endearment to the listener.

9. She picks up after your quirks and habits.

Studies have also shown that people tend to mimic or imitate the things that they are most attracted to. If you notice that she starts picking up some of your quirks, catchphrases, or habits, then that means she’s subconsciously trying to emulate who you are as a person. She does this because she’s interested in you.

10. She makes an effort to spend time with you.

Not all girls would go out of their way just to accommodate you in their life. As human beings, it is only natural for us to make time for the things that are most important to us. That’s why whenever a girl makes an effort to actually spend time with you, then that means she’s definitely interested in getting to know you more.

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