10 Brutal Reasons Why Women Left Relationships

A Posted 10 months ago
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Ladies, do you agree?

For anyone who has had the privilege of experiencing true love has also undoubtedly has some experience with true pain. There are those of us who are unlucky enough to just always be on the losing side of a relationship experience; wherein our emotions get the best of us, and we’re left traumatized, scarred, and socially inept. A lot of relationships end.

That’s just the plain truth of the matter. It takes a whole lot of good luck, hard work, and then some in order for a relationship to live on happily ever after. All it takes for a relationship to end is one huge mistake, or an accumulation of little idiosyncrasies that can cause a rupture in a union. And there’s one thing that’s for sure about breakups: they’re never easy.

Here are some rough instances of women having to end their relationships due to very painful circumstances. If you find yourself in a troublesome relationship, perhaps it would make you feel better to know that you aren’t in a situation as worse as what these ladies had to go through.

1. She caught him in bed with another woman.

What could be worse than actually finding your man in bed having sexual relations with another woman? That’s what this one girl had to experience, and it was absolutely heart wrenching. It’s a very confusing and traumatic experience that not many people would know how to handle right away.

2. His religion made him too crazy for her to handle.

He had way too many weird religious beliefs that were downright too much for her to bear. He wanted to have sex a lot but his religious beliefs forbade them from seeing certain kinds of movies or eating specific kinds of food on certain days.

3. She was treated badly by his parents.

When you are in a relationship with someone, you always want to make sure that you are liked by that person’s family and friends. Unfortunately for this one girl, her boyfriend’s parents weren’t exactly her biggest fans. In fact, they absolutely detested her and they weren’t shy about letting her know how they felt. She wasn’t going to subject herself to that kind of abuse so she ended things as soon as she could. - Continue reading on the next page