10 Brutal Reasons Why Women Left Relationships

A Posted a year ago
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4. She couldn’t teach herself to become physically attracted to him.

As shallow as it may seem, a lot of girls just go through this perfectly natural experience. A lot of times, a girl will leave a man because he just failed to attract her on a physical level. To plenty of girls, physical attraction is an important aspect in absolutely any kind of relationship.

5. He was too disorderly and filthy.

No one likes to be with a slob. That’s why it is absolutely no wonder that this one girl left her disgustingly dirty boyfriend. Good hygiene and cleanliness are always important aspects of living a healthy life. Anyone who can’t clean up after themselves is probably not mature enough to be in a relationship anyway.

6. She developed an eating disorder because of him.

Food is life. There’s no denying that. That’s why it was perfectly okay for this girl to leave the man who essentially gave her an eating disorder. He was always abusing her and making fun of her whenever she chose to indulge herself in some extra bites. In the end, she developed an eating disorder, and no man is ever worth that.

7. He always expected her to cook for him… all the time.

Ladies, you don’t always have to be the chef in the house. That’s why this woman just couldn’t stand the fact that her man could never bring himself to learn how to cook. Cooking simple meals doesn’t necessarily have to be so hard. It’s not rocket science. He was just being lazy and bratty, and that’s why she needed to let him go. - Continue reading on the next page