10 couples sleeping positions and what they mean

Anum H Posted 3 years ago
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How a couple chooses to sleep together can reveal a lot about the state of their relationship, the most common positions are listed below.

The spoon- Female on the inside.

We are all familiar with the spoon, in this position the woman's buttocks are up against the guy's man parts. This position reveals maximum physical intimacy, a sense of security and trust.

The spoon- Male on the inside.

This means, the man requires nurturing and attention from his woman. It could also mean that the woman plays a more dominant role in the relationship.

The honeymoon hug.

In this position you two are facing each other, while hugging, you just want to become physically one. This reveals passion and a desire for each other, also known as the lover's knot, this is more common when the couple has recently started sharing a bed and are too hot for each other.


In this positions one's head rests on the other's shoulder. It means that the partner who is lending the shoulder pays attention to you and wants to be vary of your needs even when you're asleep and the one who is resting on the shoulder is somewhat dependant on their partner.

Sweetheart's cradle.

In this position the partners are a bit more closer than the shingles, almost like a vertical hug, this means that the partner who has the arm around is very protective and wants to provide you with comfort and safety.

Loosely tethered.

After a relationship has been going on for a few years, the partners feel secure enough in the relationship to sleep with a little space between them, but still maintain the emotional contact through a touch of a hand. This means you two have developed a strong understanding for each other, you are independent but also ready to compromise when needed.

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