10 couples sleeping positions and what they mean

Anum H Posted 3 years ago
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Legs in contact.

In this position your casually touch, not entwined, just touching. This could be indicative of an emotional distance, like you two are not being expressive, or just holding back or maybe you're waiting for the other to initiate things, there is some friction.

The pursuit.

This position denotes a lot of ups and downs in the relationship. It also says that the couple is having problems and one partner is trying harder to fix them than the other. It also denotes that it's a struggling relationship.

Zen style.

You sleep facing outwards, with your backs in contact. This positions shows that you two are comfortable with each other, the love is still going strong, while giving you guys enough space to breathe. You two are independent on your own and don't suffocate each other while keeping the love alive.

The cliff hanger.

If you two are sleeping on the opposite ends of the bed, facing outwards then it means there is some distance in between, there may be some emotional gap; but if it happens rarely then it could mean that the couple just needs a good night's sleep.

The crab.

This is a combination of different positions and none of them involve any intimacy, it's like you are either trying to run away from your partner or you're uncomfortable. This is a clear indication of issues in your relationship. This could also mean that one partner needs space, while the other needs intimacy, either way there is some imbalance.

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