10 crazy things girls end up doing to gain attention

Misty Renee Posted 5 months ago
  1. Experimenting with illegal substances

If you’re 18 or older, you’re probably at a point in your life where you have either interacted with people who have consumed illegal substances or you’ve been a first-hand user yourself some time or the other. And you know what? That is completely normal. All of us have the urge to explore things in life, and to feel or at least understand what it’s like to be under the influence, to find an escape from the realities of life, and to discover a whole different world.

But what’s not at all normal is to start using these substances just to gain someone’s attention. Maybe you’re trying to impress them. Maybe you’re trying to get them worried for you. Or maybe you’re just doing it as a way of forgetting the pain they’ve caused you. As attractive as this escape may feel, the well-known reality of the situation is that these substances are addictive, illegal and extremely dangerous to your life and health. If you feel like you’ve been using these substances just to gain the attention of your boyfriend, your friends, or just some acquaintance you’re trying to impress, then it’s time to start seriously re-evaluating your decisions in life.

  1. Cheating on their boyfriend

Almost every girl I know has been with a guy who didn’t exactly like her the way she liked him, who didn’t care as deeply for her as she did, and who just wasn’t as interested in the relationship as she always was. Maybe she was just to naïve and young at the time to distinguish between the good guys and the bad ones. Maybe she has always been a little too emotional about all her relationships, unlike the guys she dated. Or maybe she was at a point in her life when her main aim was to seek everyone’s attention, which left her even more insecure and unwanted at the end.

Whatever the reason might be, some of these girls actually come up with a way to gain their boyfriend’s attention that would prove to them that he really cares. And can you guess what that crazy way is? Yes, cheating! Somehow, they feel convinced that if they’re successful in making him jealous, he would finally realize how possessive he is about her, how deeply he cares, and how he can’t bear for her to be with anyone else. While he might actually end up realizing these things in this ridiculous way, he still won’t ever be able to forgive you or be with a person who doesn’t think twice before hurting him this way.

  1. Changing their hair drastically

We all know what a girl’s hair means to her. They’re probably the most significant part of her appearance and they take the longest time to grow back once you chop them off. And while it’s completely okay if you change them drastically by getting them cut really short or dyeing them purple because that’s something you always wanted to try, but it’s completely ridiculous to do all these things only to get the attention of the guy you like. Maybe you remember him complimenting a girl about her short hair.

Or maybe he really likes this shade of purple that you got dyed. Or maybe you just feel like this drastic change in your appearance will make you seem more exciting and spontaneous to him. Whatever the reason might be, this isn’t what YOU truly wanted to do with your hair and more often than not, this change will leave you feeling awkward and uncomfortable around other people. And sure, it might help in gaining your guy’s attention in the start but how long do you really think that will last?- Continue reading on the next page