10 crazy things girls end up doing to gain attention

Misty Renee Posted 5 months ago
  1. Playing dumb

We all know that girl – the one who will pretend to be dumb just so she can make the guys around her feel smarter and perhaps more masculine, the one who will ask them silly questions just because she thinks they will make her look innocent and cute, and the one who has put on an act for way too long now for reasons that you still don’t understand fully. In reality, this girl is smart.

She is unique. She has an amazing personality behind this mask. And she is strong but she still can’t seem to find the confidence to reveal this real side to everyone around her. So she keeps on pretending. She continues to play dumb. And she never lets her true personality shine through. While this act may seem funny and cute to some people at first, it will start to get annoying eventually. If you truly want to gain someone’s attention, do it with by showing off your intellect, by asking smart questions, and by engaging them in meaningful conversations.

  1. Smoking regularly

Do you know what’s worse than not being able to stop yourself from smoking even though you know it’s harming you, even though you’ve seen how the cancer destroyed your uncle, and even though you can’t seem to stop coughing all the time? It’s smoking when you don’t even like it, smoking just to look cool, and smoking to catch the attention of the people around you!

Sure, smoking might seem cool at first. It might make you look sexy and rebellious. But with time, you will realize just how dumb this decision really is. Not only will this habit slowly kill you, it will also prove to be harmful to those around you, it will make you smell bad all the time, it will cause you serious health problems, and it will be a complete waste of your money.

And you might start for a reason other than actually wanting to smoke, but it’s highly likely that you’ll end up becoming an addict and it will become almost impossible for you to ever stop. So if you ever feel the urge to pick up a cigarette just to fit in or to impress someone, take a moment to think again!

  1. Posting the most inappropriate pictures

Social media platforms have definitely made it easier for people to gain almost anyone’s attention in the world. While there are a hundred ways of doing this, one of the most common ones is to post provocative pictures of yourself for all your Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat followers to see and comment on. We all know a girl like this, the one who has posted a new picture of herself every time you open one of your accounts - a picture that’s showing of her rear-end, her boobs or some other part of her body.

And I support her completely if she feels comfortable this way, if she dresses this way in real life as well, and if she isn’t posting these pictures to prove some kind of point. But if she’s only doing it to gain someone’s attention, to make someone like her a little more, and to make sure that she remains the topic of discussion in most groups, then these posted pictures will only make her feel even worse about herself.

While you sit there posting these fake pictures, checking every other minute to see who has liked or commented, making sure you stay on top of everyone’s newsfeed, and waiting around for that one guy to compliment you on them, someone else out there might actually be enjoying their life and gaining your guy’s attention by real meetings and meaningful conversations.- Continue reading on the next page