10 crazy things girls end up doing to gain attention

Misty Renee Posted 5 months ago
  1. Bullying other people

One extremely reckless and selfish way of forming a bond with someone is to find a common enemy. While this might be okay to a certain extent if the person you both dislike has actually done some kind of injustice to you, if that person is someone you never even liked in the first place, and if this mutual hatred doesn’t have any consequences for the ‘enemy’, but it actually becomes kind of evil if you only form this hatred to feel closer to the guy you like and if you start to pick on someone who has never been anything but nice to you.

You start off with some innocent jokes about their hair or the way they’re dressed and then move on to not so innocent ones about their personality and maybe even their family, the minute you notice how happy this makes your partner. You pick on them when they’re alone and try to make the other people in their group dislike them just as much as you do. And if you ever see them sitting alone and bored, you make sure they keep sitting that way for a long time.

Whether you’re doing all of this to make yourself look cool or you’re doing it only to make yourself feel better about your own sad life, this kind of behavior is downright evil and pathetic. It’s not something that will provide you with any long-term happiness. So grow up, start acting mature, and apologize immediately to the person who has been the recipient of your rude antics.

  1. Changing who they truly are

I get it. It’s not always easy for people to figure out who they truly are, to understand the purpose of their life, and to claim with perfect surety about the kind of person they wish to be. We all go through phases in life where we don’t seem to fit in with anyone or anything, phases where everything seems to confuse us more than we anticipated, and phases where we feel extremely unsure of the way we should act around other people. This phase usually comes up when you’re younger, when you’re experimenting with your life, and exploring the various possibilities you have lying around.

But for some, it can even come up later depending on what kind of personality they have and where their life takes them. Sadly, some of these people aren’t able to feel comfortable in being who they truly are. They don’t feel confident about the things they feel and the things they have to say. And they continue to doubt themselves, especially in the presence of other individuals. So how do they respond? They start to completely change who they are! Maybe they’ll adopt the persona of a TV show character they really like or of their friend who everyone keeps admiring, just to make themselves stand out a little more, and to gain the attention of the people around them.

But how long can you really put up this act? And how happy or content do you think it will make you feel? Everyone in this world is born with a unique personality and if you try to change it, it will ultimately lead to disappointment for you as well as the people who truly love you.