10 Crucial facts to remind yourself when you’re stressed out about being single

Misty Renee Posted 7 months ago
  1. Start working hard on the things that matter and love will eventually follow

Start paying attention at your job and make sure you get that promotion you always wanted. Take up those guitar lessons, devote proper time to them and make sure you become the talented player you always aspired to be. Look for that one thing you were always passionate about, the one thing that had always been your dream, and work towards making it a reality.

Once you truly find something you love, everything in life will automatically start to feel easier. Stop skipping out on the rest of your life just to discover some kind of love. Love will find you when you’re ready but the rest of your life won’t stop to keep waiting.

  1. You might feel alone at times, but you’re not

There will be nights when you will just lie in bed, hugging your pillow, having no one to talk to or cuddle with, and you’ll wonder why you’re so alone, why the right person still hasn’t entered your life, and when this feeling of emptiness will end. The truth is you’re not the only person who is feeling that way. You’re not the only person who goes through lonely days and even lonelier nights. You’re not the only person who is wondering when their soulmate will come along. Stop feeling alienated.

Stop assuming that you’re the only person who is feeling this way right now. Stop going into a pool of depression and self-pity and do things that will make you feel less lonely. Call up your best friend and let her know exactly how you feel. Go to that party you’ve been invited to and turn this sad night into a night to remember. Download your favorite TV show and keep binge-watching it till the sadness goes away.

  1. You don’t lack love in your life

Just because you’re not in a relationship doesn’t mean that you’re lacking any kind of love in your life. You have love coming in from your friends, family, co-workers, pets and anyone else who is in your life and knows what a remarkable human being you are.

You have so much love coming towards you from a number of different directions but you choose to focus on just one. Stop pitying yourself on the things that aren’t here and start appreciating the things that actually are. Call up your best friend and let him/her know how lucky you are to have them. Go on a weekend trip to meet your family and remind yourself of all the people who truly love you.

You were never alone in this world and you never will be. - Continue reading on the next page