10 evident signs you’re in a relationship with a sociopath

A Posted 2 years ago
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4. They appear to have a split personality

    They keep switching from one extreme to another. You never find them to be consistent in anything. They’d go from loving you to hating you in no time, and then back to loving you again.

    5. They don’t take responsibility for anything

      According to them, none of their problems are caused by them. They always pin the blame on someone else. Everything that goes on in their life is because of someone else. They don’t own up to anything, not even their own mistakes.

      6. Their stories never add up

        They mount up lie after lie, after lie in every story they tell. When you point out the gaps in their tales, they never come up with a satisfactory answer. You’ve no chance of getting the truth out of them, ever. They’re pathological liars.