10 Facts That Help to Predict If You’ll Grow Old with Your Partner

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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4. When You Enjoy The Simplest Of Things

Rest assured that the beauty of your relationship will last long when you enjoy doing the simplest of things with your partner, whether it’s fixing the coffee machine of doing the laundry together, doesn’t matter. As long as you both feel comfortable and smile together, it’s meant to last.

5. If You’re Totally Expressive with Them

Whether it’s a moment of joy or sorrow, anger or fear, silence or doubts, if you feel no pressure from your partner expressing the deepest of your emotions, ideas and perspectives, then that relationship is definitely meant to last. We all have our demons. If your partner sees yours yet still approaches you in the same loving manner, they are bound to grow old with you.

6. They Continue To Amaze You

If the butterflies you felt in your stomach in the start when you looked into their eyes for the first time still continue to flutter – even when they are broken down and miserable and all – then your relationship is a long-lasting one. Often times, couples grow sick of each other because they fell for each other mostly due to outer beauty, which fades. Inner beauty doesn’t. You’ll grow old with them indeed if they continue to amaze you years later even.

7. You’re Best Friends, More Than Anything

Couples who grow old are mostly the ones who hold hands and walk in parks one moment and wrestle each other over who gets the T.V remote the next. To enjoy that kind of chemistry not just as partners but as best friends is sure to take your relationship that far.