10 forgotten habits happy couples have that make their relationships last

Z Posted 2 years ago
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5. Trust each other, blindly

It takes time to earn someone’s trust, but it is worth it; since it’s something that is returned. If you’re going to expect the worst from them, they wouldn’t be bothered to do anything other than live up to your expectations. Trust them to do the right thing, to be there for you when you need them most and to be faithful, and they’d try to never let you down.

6. Acceptance over apologies

There must be things you absolutely hate about them, but even those things contribute to who they are. You aren’t perfect either. Instead of picking each other apart, and apologizing for what is innate, be grateful to each other. If you’re putting up with their habits, so are they. Stop fretting over the things you can’t change or fix and start focusing on the good.