10 guys you should never date

SB Posted 2 years ago
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  1. The Dumbstruck

What can I tell you guys about him? When he is unable to conjure up the courage to talk literally, not saying there is something wrong with being an introvert. I have seen introverts who are more expressive, romantic and expressive than normal people.

You have been together for months now and still, he has not been able to express what he feels for you. You seem to be stuck somewhere in between with him. Beware of this type if you are looking for a commitment because he isn’t going to give you any. He is probably there just to waste your time.

  1. The Evader

He is a great friend, he is your man. But the minute you assign him a responsibility; he will do whatever he possibly can to avoid it and make up more excuses than a four-year old.

You can’t rely on him at all. Dump this type if you don’t want to be one putting in all the effort (physical and emotional) to have functional relationship.

  1. The Over-Desired

He is the perfect gentleman. He knows how to make a lady twirl and land comfortably against his six packs. You bet he can charm you in a jiffy. The problem is that he knows this game too well!

Therefore you might be oblivious to who else is falling prey to his charms and good looks. After all he is the most wanted guy and every girl you can think off wants to date him. You are better off looking for a guy who plans on loving one girl, in a thousand ways for the rest of his life. - Continue reading on next page