10 guys you should never date

SB Posted a year ago
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  1. The Taken

This guy has never been yours. You may have found him at a rebound or on one of his off days. His heart and mind already belong to someone else. The signs should be apparent from the very beginning.

He cannot stop talking about his old flame, no matter what you guys talk about he makes the other woman a part of your conversation. This, alone, should be enough for you to back out before it’s too late. No one wants to be the part of a love triangle.

  1. The Badass

A foul history follows him wherever he goes. He ends up breaking and bashing people all the time. He never wants to reason it out. His lack of interest in studies and healthy lifestyle is not helping much either.

If you can’t handle the dare-devil and bad to the bone life, then you should start looking for escape routes because this one is definitely not the one for you.

  1. The Brains

He is an intellectual freak! This guy is Sheldon Cooper’s long lost brother! He is out of touch with ordinary people; maybe he is already calculating his first spaceship launch or how to defy gravity. If you are not an aspiring intellectual, then put your reading glasses down and scamper towards the door.

  1. The Fickle

You never know what his opinion would be over any matter. He changes his mind faster than a guy changes his underwear. This guy blows with the wind, and you never know when the wind might start blowing against you. Thus, don’t wait for that day and fly away, before he blows you away.

  1. The Social Animal

Life is a Birthday bash for him and he is the Birthday Boy. Even if you have exams the next day, it won’t stop him from setting up a party in the house. Therefore, if you can’t jazz up all the time, then back down.

Girls, you need to look out for your self because if you don’t who will? One decision could ruin your life and the last thing you want are regrets.

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