10 habits of a happy relationship

A Posted 3 years ago
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8. Listen Truthfully

The best couples always know when to listen. They are genuinely interested in listening to one another And give valuable input that actually helps them. Bad couples are those who fake to listen, who just say “Ahan” to whatever they’re told and who look at their phones while the partners are talking. Be one of the Good ones and lend them your ear.

9. Comfortable Intimacy

The best couples have the best intimacy. The hug and kiss each other on a daily basis. They cuddle each Other every chance they get. Cuddling, as I mentioned earlier in one of my articles, is one of the best perks Of being in a relationship, it not only makes your relationship stronger but it also makes you happier and Healthier as a person. Happy couples are those who know each other’s intimacy levels and they know when To do what.

10. Realistic Expectations

Relationships get weird and stupid when you start thinking you’re living in a dream world. You both are Human, you both need to have realistic expectations from each other. The most awesome couples are Those who keep a firm grip on reality and know it’s not a movie, they know when to ask for what and What not to expect from their partners.