10 Habits Of Amazing and Healthy Couples

A Posted 3 years ago
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8. Know they're not mind readers

Most movies and TV shows have made this "mind reading" thing pretty famous, the very untrue fact that people in relationships can read each other's minds, they can't. We are all human, we have mood swings, we have happy moments, we have sad moments, and sometimes they only take split seconds to change, it's not humanly possible for anyone (no matter how close they are to you) to always know what you're feeling at that specific moment, and that's where the need to communicate properly comes in. Yes, sometimes it's obvious, sometimes the feelings are just so overpowering that our faces show them before we can say them, and hence our partners know something's wrong, but most of the time we expect them (wrongfully) to just know if something's wrong with us without us saying it. Don't think like that, because it's not normal. If something's bothering you, tell them, don't always expect them to be your resident psychic.

For example, if I'm feeling bad about something and my girlfriend is in a happy mood. I NEVER expect her to just know something's wrong with me, this is different in my case since I'm a very emotional person and if something's bothering me, it just very clearly shows up on my face, and she understands something's wrong. But for people who have a little more control over their emotions, it's harder to tell if something's wrong and that's when you need to say it instead of expecting them to magically know it and then later get angry at them for not knowing something they never knew in the first place.

7. Try being in each other's shoes

Time and again, you need to try stepping in each other's shoes to really feel what's going on. The key to every happy and strong relationship is being interdependent on each other, and this helps A LOT in that case. I was about to receive a very important business call, something that was very life-changing for me, my girlfriend went blank for a second and then started prepping me for the talk all of a sudden. After the call was done, I asked her why she went blank, and she said "I started imagining myself in that situation and I started thinking of ways to prepare myself and started feeling the pressure", now wasn't that sweet? This isn't that hard to do either, it's not going to kill you to try experiencing what they're going through, just put yourself in their position and you'll know what to do and how to handle the situation. That's how strong relationships stay strong and survive. - Continue reading on next page