10 Habits Of Amazing and Healthy Couples

A Posted 3 years ago
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6. Know the importance of personal growth

People in strong and healthy relationships know the importance of personal growth. They're your significant other, you share a life with them, it's very scary and very sweet at the same time and it's very rewarding when you work on each other. Try your best, more than your best, to make each other grow, to help each other become stronger, to enhance each others' way of life. Support your significant other in their struggles and hardships, always be there for them when they feel like they're not going anywhere and tell them why they are okay and don't need to be scared of anything.

I myself used to be someone who just wouldn't let go of the past, not past relationships but the past I suffered because of my dad. So my girlfriend tried her best to make me stop thinking about my horrible past whenever anything remotely bad starts to happen, because I had a habit of doing that. I used to instantly start thinking about my dad as soon as any bad situation came up, and she finally brought me out of that dark place. Now I just face my problems head on without blaming my dad or my past, because everything happens for a reason. So play your part strongly in each others' lives.

5. If you're going to assume, assume the best

Like I said in the 9th part of this article, assumptions are a big no no, but they're actually quite healthy if you always assume the best of intentions. Life isn't easy, it makes us go through a lot of challenging situations, especially when we are in a relationship with someone, so in bad situations, it's always safe to assume that your SO meant the best of intentions and don't assume the worst. Great couples overcome a lot of challenging scenarios by making a habit out of assuming the best. This point might seem weak to some people but it's funny how this one thing can lead to a lot of negativity.

Here's an example, so I planned to go out on a date with my girlfriend and she canceled it last minute. Now here's what I would assume if I'm assuming the worst:

  1. Is she too busy for me?
  2. Does she not love me anymore?
  3. Is she seeing someone else/cheating on me?

And the list gets worse and worse as we go on. But I assume the best, I knew she would never do anything to intentionally hurt me so I just stayed patient and waited for her to say something. Hardly five minutes later, she told me her mother had to go shopping with her and she couldn't say no. And she wasn't lying about that either. See, assuming the best always saves you from a lot of painful and socially awkward situations, always assume the best if you trust them with everything you have. - Continue reading on next page