10 Habits Of Amazing and Healthy Couples

A Posted 3 years ago
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2. Properly nurture the relationship

People in healthy relationships always take enough time out of their busy schedules to nurture each other and hence they nurture their relationships. A strong relationship is like any good car, it'll give you an awesome mileage and won't have any breakdowns as long as you keep it maintained and taken care of, what happens if you stop the tune ups and monthly checkups? Eventually, the car (which was awesome at first) starts showing signs of problems, and if you keep ignoring those signs, it'll eventually break down when you most need it. So keep your relationship in check, always take the time out for the betterment and health of your relationship, like I've said many times before, "We are all busy, it's all about priorities". So your relationship needs to be high up that priority list, no matter how busy you are.

I, myself, am quite a busy person, but I make it seem like my business is a walk in the park when I meet my girlfriend. Now of course she knows it's not a walk in the park and she keeps asking me to make sure my work isn't suffering, but I always tell her this one line that just makes her smile:

"As long as my relationship is healthy, as long as you're happy, I'll keep succeeding in life, so don't worry",

That was true word for word and it works because knowing that my girlfriend is happy with me is important to me. It fills me up with a lot of positive energy that directly impacts my work. So take out the time, it'll be worth it.

1. Make it work, no matter what

You know how healthy and strong couples stay together for longer than the usual people? People they make it work, no matter what. They know what they asked for, they know relationships aren't easy, they know they are going to be responsible for each others' lives and happiness and everything else that comes along with it, they just never quit. Life is going to throw a lot of problems at you, what are you going to do? Leave them and run away or face them head on and conquer them? Do not give up on your relationship, it's a constant struggle but it's worth every second of it.

Be realistic about things, understand that you will argue a lot (every normal couple does), understand that you probably won't agree on a lot of things, understand that you might hate each other during the fights, but also understand how much you love them and why you chose to be with them and never forget.

That's it for this one guys, hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. As always, I write from the heart and I use my own relationship as an example so you guys might connect with me in a more personal way. If you guys have anything to add, something I left out or downright don't know about, comment your thoughts in the comment box below. Stay strong and keep the love alive!