10 “Harmless” Things that Guys Should Stop Telling their Girlfriends

A Posted 5 months ago
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4. “My ex would have never reacted this way.”

Oh no. You did not just go there. Bringing up your ex in the middle of a disagreement or an argument is just out of bounds. That’s something you should never do. While you just want to innocently point to an example of sanity, your ex should never serve as that example. That’s foul play and it’s going to send your girlfriend into a world of undeserved hurt.

5. “Are You Not Feeling Well?”

Yes, you think you’re being sweet by showing an interest in her well-being right? Just be careful though. She might take this the wrong way and think that you see her as a disgusting slob. Questions like this will put down her self-esteem and probably make her sicker than she already is.

6. “I need a break for a while.”

EMERGENCY! CAUTION! Never group these words together in front of a woman. While you do feel like you just need a break and some space for yourself because life’s stresses are taking its toll on you, the girl will more than likely end up blaming herself for your stresses.

7. “I’m not upset.”

When you’re really not mad, your girlfriend will know it. Ladies tend to be more empathetic and they can always tell what you’re feeling at any given moment. There’s no point in saying “I’m not mad.” to her just to stop a discussion or to dismiss your feelings. To her, hearing you say this will make her feel like you’re just not willing to express what’s on your mind because you don’t trust her to understand where you are really coming from. - Continue reading on the next page