10 “Harmless” Things that Guys Should Stop Telling their Girlfriends

A Posted 5 months ago
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8. “You have a really huge butt.”

Men. No. Just don’t. We know you like big butts and you cannot lie, but women will take this the wrong way. They’ll think that you’re calling them fat and that’ll just upset them. In this case, a compliment is not serving the purpose that was intended.

9. “It’s just all in your mind.”

Just stop. When you say this, you’re basically just telling your girlfriend that she’s being crazy and paranoid. Try to meet her on a level of empathy and see where she’s coming from. She may be acting a little crazy from time to time, but calling her crazy will not help appease the situation in any way. Instead, try to approach things rationally and in a gentler manner.

10. “I don’t see any difference.”

Even though you really couldn’t care less about a haircut she gets, or a piece of jewelry she’s getting, you really have to make an effort to actually care. Lie if you have to. It might all be the same to you, but to her, it makes a world of difference. Tell her that her hair has never looked better, tell her that she looks better with gold, or tell her you like the red dress more. These are simple things that could go a long way.

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