10 Honest Questions The Person You Marry Should Be Able To Answer

EK Posted 2 years ago
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Marriage is not just a paper contract; it's the commitment of a lifetime. Once you decide to tie the knot with your lover, you are vowing to spend the rest of your life with him or her. You must have thought it out a hundred times as how you will commit yourself to this relationship, but now you also need to ask your partner how much he/she is willing to put into this relationship. Here is a list of the most important questions that you should ask your lover before tying the knot.

1. Why Do You Love Me?

The first and the foremost question to ask your husband to be or your wife to be: 'Why do you love me'?. Some people find this a silly question and their reply would be 'I love you because I just love you.' Well, that is not an acceptable answer.

If someone claims to love you, then he or she should give a valid reason why they love you. We really need to know what is the reason that made our partner fall in love with us. We often think about this; what is it that has attracted my lover towards me? Is it my beauty? Is he impressed with my intelligence? Does she/he love me for my personality?

Everyone has his or her own criteria of loving their partner. But if someone says this to us, ' I love you because you make me feel special' or ' Whatever you do for me makes me fell in love with you even more', we will just feel ourselves on top of the world.

Once we know what actually made our partner fell in love with us, we will not only have the confidence over ourselves but will also have faith in our relationship.