10 Honest Questions The Person You Marry Should Be Able To Answer

EK Posted 2 years ago
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4. Will You Grow With Me And Not Away From Me?

Life is not constant; we don't know what life holds for us in the future. We can never be sure of our future life but we can reassure our life partner that we will stick with them during the darkest of times. By asking this question from the person we are going to marry, we are just asking for his/her reassurance, we just want them to promise us that they will be there with us forever.

5. Will You Stick Through The Rough Times?

The time of marriage is a happy time, everything seems to be picture perfect. We are planning each and every move of our marriage ceremony and want everything to go smooth and just the way we have planned. But life after marriage cannot be planned, not to this extent of course; there will be both good days and bad days. No one can promise you just happy shining days, but what we can do is promise each other our support during the rough times of life.

It is a good idea to ask your life partner-to-be, whether he or she will be there with you when luck is not in your favour. Once you decide to be there, right beside your lover, during the hard times, you vow that you are not going to let anything affect your relationship with your spouse. No matter how good or bad your days are, you both will be with each other, side-by-side.

6. Are you willing to lose some battles in order to keep the peace?

Marriage is all about compromises. It doesn't mean that you compromise on your self-respect and your happiness. It means moulding yourself and taming your ego for the betterment of your relationship with your spouse. Before tying the knot with your lover, ask him/her whether he/she is ready to place your relationship above everything else? If your lover claims to give priority to your happiness and will let go of their ego if it's coming in the way, then this partner deserves to be your life partner.