10 Honest Questions The Person You Marry Should Be Able To Answer

EK Posted 2 years ago
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7. Will You Be A Great Parent?

That is a very important question to ask before tying the knot. Most of us just assume that if a person is loving and caring, he/she would be the same with kids. That concept is totally wrong. I have seen many caring and loving people acting really weird when it comes to handling kids. If you love kids and have a specific mind-set about the upbringing of kids then you should openly talk to your partner about this before getting into the marriage contract. And what if your partner doesn't even like the idea of being a parent? So, its better to ask well in time before it's too late.

8. Will You Support Me If I Can't Support Myself?

When we ask our lover and life partner-to-be, we are openly telling them about our expectations from them after marriage. A life partner is supposed to be your supporter, your morale booster, your guide, your mentor. If ever in life you need any kind of support, financial, physical, mental, your partner should vow to provide you that support from the very moment you become their life partner.