10 Honest Signs Indicating That Your Partner No Longer Loves You

A Posted a year ago
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4. Your partner throws blame at you whenever applicable.

Another good indication that your partner is falling out of love with you is if they let it affect their individual lives. They will start to fail at things, and they will most likely start blaming you for their failures.

5. You no longer feel like your partner is supportive of you.

It used to be that your partner was your number one fan. You always knew that you could count on your partner to push you further in life. However, nowadays, it seems that your hopes and dreams are no longer relevant in the life of your partner.

6. Your partner constantly makes excuses to spend time away from you.

Somehow, your partner is spending more hours at work. Somehow, they’d prefer to go out with friends than to go out with you. It means that they are no longer interested in spending alone time with you and maybe even dread the thought of it.

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7. You are no longer consulted when it comes to planning.

During the good days of your relationship, every weekend plan was discussed with each other. Any future plans revolved around the relationship. However, now you feel like you’re no longer part of the planning process and your partner is independently making plans that don’t include you. - Continue reading on the next page