10 Instances Of How bad timing can ruin a good relationship

Z Posted 2 years ago
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Timing is the key to everything, inclusive of relationships. There must’ve been a time that you might’ve met the perfect person but the timing just wasn’t right and you just couldn’t start anything with them. Or your relationship might have been going smoothly when you brought up moving in together a little too soon. Even if your partner plans to do so in the near future, the untimely suggestion would make them feel like they’re rushing into it.

‘Timing in life is everything.’ –Leonard Maltin

Following are a few instances of how bad timing ruins a perfectly healthy relationship;

 1. You’re not ready to give up the single life:

You want to be with them; but then your options wouldn’t be open. You love the idea of spending most of your time with them and making them a part of your life; but then that’d mean giving up on time to yourself. And then there’s this other girl/guy who has been taking a lot of interest in you lately; which makes it even more difficult to decide. You’re clearly not ready for a commitment. There is no point in leading on someone to no end.