10 Instances Of How bad timing can ruin a good relationship

Z Posted 3 years ago
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6. Family over relationships:

Family comes first. Many people do actually live by this. And they surely have to make a lot of sacrifices to live up to it. You might have planned a vacation with your partner and out of nowhere you have a sick family member you just cannot ignore. You need to take care of them. That is an all consuming task in itself. Even if they’re trying to be understanding, your partner is going to be neglected. Sometimes you just can’t strike a balance, regardless of how hard you try.

 7. You’re still hung up on your ex:

People heal after break ups in their own time. It varies for everyone. There isn’t a standard for how long you should wait before you get back into the dating scene. If it is taking you longer than the next person to get them out of your mind; it shouldn’t be a concern. Take your time. Don’t rush into something new. You’re never going to be at peace and the person you’re with will constantly feel that you don’t really want to be with them. And if you keep comparing them to your ex, you’re indirectly telling them that they’re not good enough and that you’ve had better. No one can handle that.