10 Kinds of Texts a Typical Playboy Would Send

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Watch out for these!

Playboys today don’t try too hard to conceal their identities making it very easy to detect them. If your experience of dating a guy is going rough and you feel like he is demeaning you in countless ways, chances are that he belongs to the Playboy species. You can tell by the kind of texts he sends if he is a member of Proud Playboy Club 2016.

1. “I’ve dated a lot of crazy women”:

    Firstly, he has the audacity to bring up his opinion about all the women he has dated, that too in a generalizing way implying that everything that ever went wrong in his relationships was due to the women’s attitudes. Plus, if you look at it closely, the statement looks like it is blurted out by an edgy teenager who just wants to brag about the number of women he has dated.

    2. “Let’s not call it anything”:

      Clear enough, this text means that he is not (currently) up for calling the relationship exclusive, and that is okay as long as he makes it clear for you that he needs time or is not ready just yet. Asking someone to blindly keep going out with them with no hopes of anything happening is what a typical playboy would do. He is willing to waste your time and it shows his lack of respect for you.

      3. “More boobs”:

        When sexting, you notice the lack of emotion from his side. It almost seems like he is talking to for the sake of nudes and that is the only time he replies quickly. His requests for more will be, moreover, empty of any effort as he will make none to make it look appealing. He will ask like he has other sources if you deny and won’t be very active when it comes to doing his part.

        4. “That’s how it is”:

          If he is not willing to listen to reason and chooses to stay firm on his opinions no matter how senseless they are, be alert, he is from the playboy clan: too rigid to welcome any new opinions and proud of his own wrong ways. People, who do not keep their ears open for new ideas, even if it is a scientific one, need some brainwashing and playboy fall into that lot. - Continue reading on the next page