10 Kinds of Texts a Typical Playboy Would Send

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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9. “Was busy”:

    After you have sent him half a dozen texts asking him where he has been and if everything is okay, he replies with “was busy”, is your ass on fire?

    It’s all about putting effort. He needs to present a detailed reason as to why he was absent for so long to show that he cares about you and appreciates you being worried for him. He obviously does not care if he does not think he needs to give an explanation.

    10. “I want to have fun”:

      If he says that anytime near the beginning of dating, abort mission. Abort it if you are in it for something else. “I just want to have fun” probably means that “I am in it for dates and sex”, maybe without the dates part. Everyone wants to have fun in relationships but fun cannot and should not be everything one wants from it.

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