10 Lies People in Bad Relationships Tell Themselves

A Posted a year ago
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4. “I still love him/her though...”

That may very well be the case. We don’t want to question your love for another person. However, you just have to realize that sometimes, love really isn’t going to be enough. There are plenty of relationships that are filled with love that just don’t have happy endings. It doesn’t make your love any less real. Life just has a way of messing up our plans and feelings like that. The best we can do is adapt and move on.

5. “But we’re already living together.”

So get a new apartment. Start living on your own again. You don’t have to tie yourselves down for the rest of your lives just because you share a common space. You’re meant for better things and you shouldn’t be afraid to let go of things that torment you. You’re strong enough to be on your own and so is your partner. You’ll both be fine at the end of a breakup. Don’t worry.

6. “It’s difficult now, but it’s harder being single.”

Trust us. Being single is a lot more emotionally fulfilling than it is being in a bad relationship. You have more time to yourself. You can devote more time to working on new hobbies, reading new books, and just trying to become a new person overall. You’re left care-free without all the emotional baggage of a toxic relationship that just continues to wear you down day by day.

7. “I don’t want to hurt his/her feelings.”

Pain is part of love. Both of you signed up for this relationship knowing full well that both of you will possibly end up getting hurt in the process. Don’t be afraid of pain. It’s a tool for growth. - Continue reading on the next page