10 major differences between falling in love and loving someone

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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  1. Loving causes fluctuations in your emotions

Thoughts matter more when it comes to loving someone. Thinking about them and being selfless towards them is what loving’s all about. The emotions that come with it are just the perks. After you fall in love with someone, you learn to love them and how to let go of that high of emotions, making it into something permanent. The ‘in love’ feelings are what’s allowed in this stage.

  1. Being in love makes you goal-oriented

You will know you love them when you that’s what makes falling in love as exciting as it is, longing for more. You not only have the need to be with them but also to know them more, build a greater and more serious relationship with them.

  1. Being in love with someone makes you take things slow

When you are at that initial stage where you feel you want to take things slow, one at a time, with that special someone then it is not loving that person but just falling in love with them. Since it is the first step, you don’t really want to move towards a serious relationship or some such thing.

Those kinds of things, which require greater commitment, often scare people as they feel a need to progress. This stage isn’t only about understanding that what you have’s all you need, but wanting to strengthen that bond forever. - Continue reading on the next page