10 major differences between falling in love and loving someone

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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  1. Being in love makes you care more about that person more than you actually do

Falling in love is much easier than staying in it, being in love that is. When you're in love, those feelings make you feel like person is the greatest in the world, part of the whole infatuation process. Unfortunately, this way of thinking eventually wears off as soon as the feel-good chemicals do, leaving you lost and confused.

  1. Loving someone means to care more about them than you think

It’s simpler to tell when you’re in love. It gives you a constant yearning. Loving, on the other hand, gives you no such constant reminders. When you truly love someone, moments of loss and separation might overwhelm you with feelings. People forget how much they love someone or how much they mean to them until life forces them to remember.

  1. Being in love means you can easily fall out of it

People fall in and out of love every day, every minute of the day. It goes without saying that what goes up comes down. In terms of falling in love, what comes down climbs back up. If you can fall in love with a person then you can just as easily fall out of love. Being in love is practical just in our minds; we allow ourselves to fall in love by romanticizing the individual as well as being in a relationship with them. Reality doesn't match with your version of it.

  1. Loving someone never really stops

Loving who you love says a lot about you — it defines who you are. Those we love never really leave us. Their presence in our lives coupled with everything they do for our sake leaves such a permanent mark on us that, because of them, we become different people altogether.

So when they leave, their marks on our lives still remain and that’s why when you love someone, you can't stop loving that person for that would mean you stop loving a part of you yourself, a part which is influenced by the one you love.

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