10 Major Signs She’s just not that into you

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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So you like someone a lot and you begin to wonder if they like you too, maybe.

That is where the needle gets stuck at, most of the times. In the happy scenario, you will know because that person will tell you so. In the not so happy and less direct scenario, though, you will be left wondering about that question and over worry yourself in the process.

According to a girl’s perspective, it is the guys are the ones that are pretty hard to read most of the times. But here we have switched it up a bit and put things from a girl’s perspective. So here are a couple of helpful tips that might show you when a girl is just not that into you…in place of your usual, run-of-the-mill he’s just not that into you maxim.

  1. When she says ‘I’m just not ready for a relationship yet’

What she really means is: I’m just not that into you.

When a guy gets this line from a girl he likes a lot, it actually means she is not ready to be in a relation with him. When the girl genuinely likes him, she will simply want to spend time with him. And eventually, that will escalate to a lot of time.

But if this is her response even after he asks her out simply for a date or tried to and she straight out refuses, it means she is just not that into you.

  1. When she says ‘I think I ought to focus on myself more right now’

What she really means is: I want to remain single than be with you.

You don’t have to take this personally but when the girl gives you this one-liner, she downright means that you both are not really compatible. Girls usually know from the second they see you if you are or might turn out to be boyfriend material or not – female intuition works like that – and sure, first impression might not be the last one and can sometimes be changed, but usually this is how it goes that by the time you start talking, she has already made up her mind about whether you two will click or not.

She is most likely looking for someone who will make her want to stop “focusing” and “finding” herself, and maybe you are not that kind of guy for her just yet. - Continue reading on next page