10 Major Signs She’s just not that into you

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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  1. When she says ‘I am already seeing someone’ (even though you know for a fact that she is not)

What she really means: Please stop bothering me or I will make my so-called imaginary boyfriend deal with you himself.

It is quite common that sometimes, girls like to come up with their fake relationships statuses and fake boyfriends, for various and complicated reasons.

One reason would be that they are just plain sick and tired of cheesy pickup lines and want to cut it short, to make it real and actually mean something when the guy says it.

Second reason is that they do not think the guy who is hitting on them even deserves the chance to date them. Third reason is that they do not want to hurt the guys’ feelings and they are afraid of telling him that they are just not that into him.

Girls then see the whole already-committed charade as an easy way out to turn down a guy who they are just not into.

  1. When she is not answering his calls/calling back nor replying to his messages.

What she really means is: ‘Just take the hint and leave me alone.’

So you have called her on a Saturday and it is already next Saturday but you still have not heard anything from her…it is pretty clear that she is really not interested in you.

The matter speaks for itself after all: when someone is genuinely interested in you, they would at least call you back if they were busy at first.

But showing no interest amounts to their lack of response. A girl who is interested in a guy will obviously pick up his phone call, call back when necessary, and text when she gets a chance to. And if she is really interested in him, she will keep her phone close by at all times at the thought of receiving a phone call or text.

Furthermore, if she is obsessed with him, expect her to reply/answer within 2 seconds of receiving a call or text.

So it is pretty evident that when she gives you the no response attitude, you should move on to someone who is actually interested in you, rather than wasting your time.

She might also give you the I’m too busy response, when she does. Even if she isn’t, she will tell the guy that. Truth of the matter is, no one is ever really busy. It is more a matter of priorities and such. - Continue reading on next page