10 Major Signs She’s just not that into you

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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  1. When she avoids doing something you ask her or is never seen around when needed.

What she really means is: Maybe if I’m really bored or have nothing else better to do, I will do it…or maybe not, I don’t know.

So when she avoids being with you like this, avoids doing something for you when you ask her to and is never actually sure what or when to do something for your sake, it’s a clear sign she’s not interested in you.

If she really digs you, she will do anything for you that means she gets time to spend with you. Otherwise she will avoid doing anything for you because being with you is not in her interest.

This is just the case. Most girls know clear-cut from the start if they are really into someone or not. They will show clear signs that they are interested in the guy, such as flirting, calling, Facebook likes etc.

But if she is not that interested in you – despite how much fun you both were having on that weekend or how you both like the same music and want the same kind of desserts after dinner – she’ll avoid you at all costs, make time for everything and everyone but you. When this happens, know upfront she’s just not that into you.