10 mistakes in Love that wise and mature women will NOT make twice

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Will all the mature ladies please stand up?

When it comes to love all of us tend to have a very different perspective on it. For some of us, love is like a bed of roses and for others it’s like a torture. We make mistakes and do wrong things for the right people. Trust me it’s normal. We are all humans with a good heart and an equally good intention. Making mistakes is not wrong, not learning your lesson is erroneous, because relationships help you in learning and growing.

Without making mistakes you can never realize your true potential. Just think about it, how you can really know yourself and your limits without making blunders along the way? Maturity doesn’t come with age. Rather, it comes with experience, be it at 20 or 40 or even 60. So dear strong ladies, in case you are wondering what exactly are those mistakes that you ought to avoid making twice, we have compiles a list that will help you immensely.

  1. Don’t wait for calls or text

Don’t wait. It’s the biggest mistake of your life. If you want to talk to someone just text them or call them right away. Delete those who cannot take out a few seconds for you to reply or call you back. As a strong and mature woman you don’t want someone who doesn’t want you back.

You don’t have to chase people! Instead, replace them with more deserving people. Because every relationship should be consummate in nature. Infatuation is something you have to avoid no matter what. So yes! As a strong woman you ought to prioritize those who prioritize you. And beyond all, you prioritize yourself first.

  1. Don’t forgive him

This one is tricky. As a mature woman you must not pick fight over small things but let not make him take you for granted. Let it go when he can’t do the dishes because he’s tired but never forgive him for not getting you a birthday or anniversary present. How can a man really love you if cannot make you feel special on your big or important days?

They say gifts improve and strengthen your relationships. It’s not about expensive gifts and presents. Doesn’t matter if it’s a diamond ring or a rose, all that matters is how well your partner spends money to make your feel special on your significant days.

Simultaneously, don’t forget to make him special too. As a wise and mature woman make him feel loved and wanted. It doesn’t really matter if you gift him an Audi or write him a simple love letter. It’s a sentiment that has to be in the spot light.

  1. Materialistic approach

We love to spoil those we fall in love with. Things that make them happy are exactly the things that make us happy. But this doesn’t mean all you should want from a man is his money and wealth. The idea is to think of a fairy tale whenever you think of your love life. And you can have a fairy tale love story in any place; it doesn’t really matter if you get to live a castle or a slum. Its love and care that makes a mature woman contended and satisfied with her life.

Measure your wealth with the love and support of your man not with the money that he carries in his wallet or bank account. - Continue reading on the next page