10 mistakes in Love that wise and mature women will NOT make twice

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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  1. Speak for yourself

As a mature woman you need to balance yourself in terms of your expressions. Do you want to piss off your partner with constant nagging and criticism? Or do you want to be the one who always compromises? Of course you don’t want any of this.

To avoid such scenarios, remember not to drive your man mad with your whining and complaints. But you have the right to express yourself, you ought to tell him about your likes, dislikes and comfort level.

Tell him to drive at a slow speed if you are scared of fast driving. Tell him you cannot watch a scary movie or a science fiction. Be expressive in your own way because sometimes people don’t get to notice things simply because they are different. If you won’t speak up for yourself then who will?

  1. Don’t be jealous

As a matter of fact, women experience jealousy more than men whilst in a relationship. Healthy jealousy is fine, after all you love your partner and this healthy jealousy is natural to exist. But the point is, excess of everything is bad, when you get jealous you end up suffocating your partner.

As a mature and wise woman you don’t check his call logs and messages, you don’t get insecure when talks to his female colleagues. You are special that’s why you are his partner. No your worth and importance and let not jealousy acidify your sweet relationship.

  1. Don’t force yourself into things that you don’t like

At times, most of the women force them into things they absolutely despise. You don’t have to iron his shirt when you hate ironing your own clothes. You don’t have to wear tones of make up when you like to keep it simple. You don’t have to go to the places that don’t excite you. This can harm you in long term. If a man really loves, you he will not push you into things that you don’t like. As a mature woman you got to learn to say no and set healthy limits.

  1. Don’t bottle up things

As I stated earlier you have to be expressive in terms of your choices. As a mature woman you don’t bottle up your emotions. If there is something that has disturbed you emotionally, do not bottle it up. When you bottle up things there comes a time when your tolerance level reaches its threshold point and in the spur of the moment and disastrous anger you do more damage than the expected.

So yeah! You have to learn to express your emotions, especially the negative emotions at the right time in the right amount and in the right place. It’s a mature woman’s exclusive trait. - Continue reading on the next page