10 mistakes in Love that wise and mature women will NOT make twice

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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  1. Don’t be afraid to pick questions

As a mature woman you ought not to be scared of picking a question. Sometimes women avoid asking questions and details when they really want to know about it. They even avoid asking question even when they have the right just because it will stress out or hurt their partner. This is not tight. Ask about things are need clarification or extensive discussions or the things that are the sole medium to eradicate ambiguity and confusion.

I know you might think it mean to have such an approach but trust me you don’t want to torture yourself with vagueness and puzzlement. Do you? Be careful in terms of the word you choose but do ask.

Trust me it’s completely okay to talk about such things. You are his partner and you are wise and mature enough to handle is and be a supportive and good listener.

  1. Sex and Love are different

Okay ladies! This one is really important. Love and sex might have an association but don’t confuse sex for love. Love for you should be making his favorite food item because it will make him happy. Preferring silence in the morning because he loves silence in the morning. Knowing the sugar quantity, he prefers in his tea, going out for the long walks and movie dates. Not only you but he ought to do the same for you. Love is not about sex.

Although your sexual life is of great significance but don’t let it be a subject matter for sexual activity only. Even your sex and physical intimacy should have emotions. It should make you feel excellent and loved. If not, you need to rethink about your life choices and about this particular relationship.

  1. Express it

Dear ladies, be wild and crazy and express yourself fully. You don’t have to hold onto things. Nobody will express your feelings and mention your needs on your behalf. You got to love yourself first if you want others to love you.

It’s okay to compromise on little things but don’t settle down for less than you deserve. A mature and wise woman never compromises with her self-esteem and self-confidence. She radiates love and kindness. She is direct, flexible in her choices, tough. She knows how to handle stresses and stands strongly with her man in the tough times. She is capable of taking stand for herself in case of her rights’ violation. She doesn’t tolerate abuse either physical or verbal. She knows love creates happiness and not destruction.

So as a mature woman does not shy away from discussing problems and sharing her issues. Learn to say no to things that make you uncomfortable, if your man loves you he won’t push or force you into such things. A mature woman takes care of herself and her man and expects him to do the same.

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