10 Morning Texts That Can Make His Whole Day

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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  1. “I wish I could give you a morning kiss”:

It is nice to be cheesy once in a while and, undoubtedly, kisses are the easiest way of saying I love you and every other equivalent expression. If you cannot kiss him good morning, tell him you would love to do it in a morning text. He might get out of his sheets and drive all the way to you to get that morning kiss from you.

  1. “Good morning! I am so lucky to have you”:

Being reminded that your presence in someone’s life makes a big difference must be a wonderful thing to feel in the morning, all before starting the day. This little expression can cheer him up and encourage him to keep making you feel lucky by going out of his way to do extraordinary things for you. Open, honest expressions in the morning never go ignored.

  1. “I have a long day ahead, I wish I could see your sleepy face this morning”:

Texting him in spite of having a busy schedule will make him realize how much he matters to you. A simple sight of his adorable sleepy face would have made your day; knowing this, he would try his best to be with you as soon as possible. Even if he cannot do so, the mere thought of you keeping him in your mind all day will make him smile like an idiot.