10 Negative thoughts you need to get rid of

A Posted 3 years ago
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Stop being so hard on yourself!

We are all human, we try to be as happy as strong as possible but sometimes we let negativity get the best of us, happens to all of us. Some people have better ways of dealing with negativity than others, the key here is to not let it overcome you and your emotions, or you'll slowly be engulfed in a pool of negative thoughts and nowhere to go. Everyone will try helping you but you'll think they're trying to hurt you, because when negative thoughts take over, they ultimately lead to paranoia. I've helped a lot of people (including myself) get out of this negative vibe, to learn how to quickly turn negative thoughts into positive ones. I talk about this in a lot of my articles, no one likes to be around negativity, so if you ever find yourself being trapped in your own thoughts, give this a read. Here are 10 of the most common negative thoughts people have and how to deal with them, let's begin.

10. I need to change myself for them

Life is a precious gift, and your individuality is even more precious. You should never let the pressures of the world change you from who you are to someone you would never want to be. Yes it's a sad fact that not everyone is going to wholeheartedly accept you for who you are and will want to change a few (if not all) things about you and mold you to their own liking, don't do it. Be your own individual, you have your own unique personality and you need to love yourself for it no matter what people tell you. Always remember, this is YOUR life, YOU need to live it. Don't change for people no matter how close you think they are to you, because the people who really care about you will never expect you to change a single thing.

9. They should change for me

This is the other end of the road based on my previous point, you cannot and should not expect anyone to change according to your liking. Embrace the people you're with, love them for who they are, grow with them, learn with them, make mistakes with them, live life with them, never expect anyone to be any different because you can't accept them the way they are. You need to be more accepting of the world if you want the world to be accepting of you. Don't be someone who loves drama, because drama is one of the main causes of a lot of negativity, stay away from drama and live a happy and simple life with the people who truly appreciate you and care about you no matter how different they are from you.