10 Negative thoughts you need to get rid of

A Posted 3 years ago
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8. Their life is easier than mine

No one lives a happy or easy life, and I mean NO ONE. If your life seems hard, try to be strong and overcome the obstacles, don't think that someone else has an easier life than yours just because you're going through a rough patch. You have no idea what it's like to be in their shoes, you can't judge them if they're happy right now because you have no idea how many tears they'd shed before. One of the easiest ways of getting out of difficult situations in life is to find happiness in the happiness of others, embrace their happiness and share it, don't hate it. Don't be someone who just can't see people happy without complaining.

7. I can't make a difference

Oh you can, trust me you can. Life rewards those who truly accept its challenges and get through them by any means necessary. Be a kind and gentle person, help those in need even if you yourself are hurting. Never let anyone bring you down and tell you "you're nothing", "your opinion doesn't matter", "you should just shut up", stay away from people who tell you you're not worth it, because you are. If I stayed with the company I kept four years ago, I'd be a very weak man today. But I learned that the negativity those people had was slowly eating away at me, so I left. Now I'm in a much healthier company of people who truly know my strengths and weaknesses and tell me I can do anything. Have faith in yourself and love yourself, because you are amazing.