10 Negative thoughts you need to get rid of

A Posted 3 years ago
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4. I don't have time for people

I've said this a number of times, "Everyone is busy, it's all about priorities". If you think you're too busy for someone just because your life seems more important than theirs, you're wrong and you need to change that way of thinking. You can never be too busy for anyone no matter how busy your lifestyle is, always find time for the people who care about you otherwise you'll be taking them for granted. People who truly care about you, they take time out for you, they make sure you're happy and then they worry about their busy schedules, you need to be like that too otherwise you're on your way to a very lonely life ahead.

3. It's okay to lie a little

No, it's not. Lying is wrong no matter the intensity of the lie, a lie is a lie, just because it's a "small lie" it doesn't mean it's going to be true. If you lie once, you'll slowly develop a habit of lying every now and then and soon you'll find yourself trapped in a web of lies, each new lie being bigger than the last one. So make it clear in your mind, lying is not okay, even if you think it's for the sake of your relationship because any relationship that is based on a lie (big or small) is going to be weak, you can't construct a building based on a weak foundation, be a true person. I know the truth can be painful sometimes, I know being true to some people will actually backfire on you, but in the end you'll at least be the person with nothing to hide and hence you won't be weak in front of anyone. Be strong and be true.