10 old-fashioned relationship habits we need to bring back

A Posted 3 years ago
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Relationships have evolved over the years, they've become more technological now. The days of writing letters and appreciating every bit of it are long gone, I sort of miss those days, the days when every single phone call meant more than anything else. It's all sort of taken for granted now, because everything is so easily to obtain and also easy to replace (harsh, I know, but true nonetheless). Today, I'm going to talk about some of the amazing old-fashioned relationship habits we truly need to bring back. Let's begin.

10. Spend a whole day together, without technology

It might sound a little "too much" to some of you but just try it once, you'll feel free. When we spend time with our partners, we don't really truly appreciate their presence, because of the numerous phone calls and messages we have to tend to in the middle of it all. Take one day out, for the two of you, either leave your phones at home or just switch them off. Have a nice conversation with each other, go to your favorite restaurant, just don't let your attention be taken away by your phone and spend proper time with each other. It's an amazing feeling, trust me, I've tried it. I do this every now and then with my girlfriend, we have our "anti-tech" days where both of us switch off our phones. It's very relieving.

9. Truly appreciate each other

We don't fully appreciate our partners, we miss out on a lot of little things that mean a lot to them and we just ignore those things. Learn to truly appreciate your partner, don't miss out even the smallest of effort they bring your way and let them know that you're aware of their efforts. Gentle reminders every now and then that everything they do for you is appreciated means a lot to them, it doesn't matter if they know it already, reminders are very important. Life is too short, and you don't want to know how short it is, certain incidents and scenarios may take place, incidents that will make you regret not giving your all to your partner. Appreciate each other, completely. - Continue reading on next page