10 old-fashioned relationship habits we need to bring back

A Posted 3 years ago
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8. Be present, mentally

It's one thing to spend time together, it's a different thing to actually be "present" during those times. Some of us, well most of us, are so caught up in our daily stresses and our busy schedules that we just can't be completely mentally present with our partners, it's very vital and not being mentally present may harm your relationship especially if your partner is and you aren't. My ex made me feel horrible, because she never actually "listened" to me, she spend endless hours with me but not one second was spent when I felt that she's actually "with" me, she was just there and her mind was somewhere else. It hurts, make sure you don't hurt your partner because of this.

7. Play a vital part in each other's growth

A relationship is amazingly successful when both partners have a keen interest in each other's goals and dreams. If you are truly supportive of your partner in what they do, they will never forget your support and appreciate it for the years to come. Be each other's council, help each other in the most difficult of times, groom each other and empower one another. If they fail, don't let them get too affected by it, make their failures seem small and strengthen them even further to be successful, these are the common traits of every strong and long-lasting relationship and this is something I don't see in a lot of the "modern day" couples.

6. Solve your problems, without help from outside

Successful couples are so successful because no one knows their problems, the strongest of couples fight and have ups and downs, but the strong part about them is that they learn to solve their issues together and don't ask others for help, they don't cry in front of anyone else and prefer to cry in front of each other if they have to. Strong couples have good social lives, they have a lot of friends, but none of their friends know of their problems, that's what makes them "perfect" in their eyes, because they keep their problems to themselves, that's how it should be. In today's world, social media plays a vital role in relationships, I've seen a lot of sad status updates where couples bash each other just to be okay in a few hours, but the damage is done and everyone knows of your problems, avoid it. - Continue reading on next page