10 old-fashioned relationship habits we need to bring back

A Posted 3 years ago
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5. Always deliver your promises

Promises are meant to be kept, but in today's world promises are sort of losing their appeal and worth because some of us don't take them too seriously. I was also one of those people, a few months ago, my girlfriend made me promise her that I'll bring a healthy change to my lifestyle (get proper sleep, work out, eat healthy) and I happily gave her my word. But a few days later, I completely forgot my promise and went ahead with the lifestyle I had (sleeping at five in the morning, not eating properly etc). So naturally, a few days later, she got very sad with me and expressed her feelings toward the promise I never kept. It made my realize how easily I forgot about it, I was ashamed, I love this woman more than anything and I forgot my promise? Since that day, the value of a promise has increased tremendously in my mind and I always keep my promises.

4. Practice being truthful

This might seem like a no brainer but it's getting more and more abundant as we progress as people. Lying is becoming a habit in more and more couples everyday, it's sort of a way out, an avoidance therapy of sorts, people just want to avoid their problems rather than facing them head on and telling the truth. It's more scary now because people lie thinking that it's not a big deal to lie as long as it's for the sake of your happiness, this is valid only to some extent but not if you make a habit out of it. Relationships last longer when there's complete transparency between two people and the element of lying is almost non-existent. Practice being truthful, it goes a long way.

3. Be a loyal partner

This too is slowly fading away, the concept of cheating is becoming more and more common and technology has a big hand in this, because of technology it makes it more easy and accessible to cheat on someone because you can very easily hide your acts and delete them forever. But karma does exist and whatever you do has an affect on your life sooner or later. Loyalty is what we need. Don't get me wrong, I use my phone more than the average person, but I also have nothing to hide. My girlfriend usually uses my phone to call people and she never goes through my messages because she knows how grateful I am for having her, same goes for her, this sort of transparency gives us both peace of mind. Be loyal, be happy. - Continue reading on next page