10 Phrases That Can Ultimately Destroy Your Relationship

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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  1. “Don’t Be So Sensitive”:

When they are angry or upset, telling them to ‘calm down’ or ‘not be irrational’ is like telling a black man to stop being a black man.

People feel that their anger is justified when they are angry and are not able to look at the other side of the picture. So trying to calm your partner down by only attacking them won’t help. Try to understand their situation and make them feel you understood.

  1. “Later, Honey”:

Telling them you don’t want to have sex tonight because the big chicken burger is still floating around is okay but rude and unexplained rejection can be brutally damaging. There is, really, no point of being in a relationship if there is no sex; you can just find yourself a friend who you can go to dinner with and share a room etc. So try to keep it active and fun.

  1. “I Told You”:

Nobody likes to be told they are dumb again and again. Even if you are right most of the times and they happen to make stupid mistakes, try not to brag about it. Try letting some chances go and take some other path to advise them to put thoughts into their actions instead of telling them straightaway that they are dumb and you know better. Resentment can grow this way and level of understanding may decrease.

  1. “Are You Telling The Truth?”

Bluntly asking your partner if they are lying to you can hurt their ego. There may be times when you feel like there is something suspicious or they are lying because, let’s face it, we are no saints so it is okay to have doubts. How you put your doubts in words matters.

Be careful not to hurt their ego; try using phrases like “I am having trouble believing that’ etc to not imply you don’t believe them in particular. - Continue reading on next page