10 Phrases That Can Ultimately Destroy Your Relationship

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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  1. “Are You Crazy?!”

All of these phrases are about being clever with your words like this one. When you are disgusted, do not attack their integrity and self-respect by boldly exclaiming. “You are just like your mother” and “You are so stupid” kind of phrases can be real deal-breakers. We all get angry and disgusted but personal attacks never help the situation.

  1. “You’d Do That If You Loved Me”:

Of course your partner loves you, why else would they be with you? Using emotions as bait is cruel and can make them feel used. Do not bring up emotions in times of need. They love you, they do, but only when they are completely helpless do they surrender and back off a situation. Either deal with it or help yourself but do not make them question their love for you.

  1. “I Will Leave You”:

Straight up threatening them in critical situations is the worst way you can screw up your relationship in. In the heat of the moment, it might sound like just a comeback but it will later make them realize that you are ready to leave, that you are unaffected by whatever goes on in the relationship. Whatever you do, do not talk about burning the ships down; the weight of the phrase can cause the ships to drown once and for all.

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