10 Pieces Of Advice On How to make up after a fight

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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How do you guys make up after a fight?

There is no couple on this planet that has not experienced a disagreement. Differences, natural or otherwise, often lead to arguments among the couples. Is it possible to avoid arguments? Of course not. Every individual is different from another one and everyone has to go down into an argument. So in short, every couple fights and sadly cannot control it but don’t worry about it, there are many ways that you can use to make things work out with the love of your life after a disagreement or a fight. After all, you value them and they are your most important possessions.

So, here are some really effective and cool pieces of advice that can protect you and your love from all the negativity that comes as a result of an argument.

  1. Count till 10

Okay, trust me! this advice is actually effective. Count till 10 when you get to hear something that you despise or don’t agree with and don’t forget to take a deep breath too. While counting think of calming your nerves and think about the love you hold for your partner. This trick will help you in clinging to your senses and won’t let the anger take over your sagacity. You don’t want to hurt your love in the spur of the moment, right? This one will work for you, for sure.

  1. Don’t try to win

That’s the biggest mistake you can ever make. It’s not about winning at the end; it shouldn’t be since in the argument with your partner or loved one is not about winning or losing. Even if you are really confident about something and you really believe in your point of view and its correctness do not try to impose it and don’t ruminate about winning.

It’s not a competition and, trust me, once you “win” the argument; it is not going to be that important later on. Winning in an argument with your partner is a major slip-up, you win the argument but you hurt your love and yourself in the process.

Try to convince your partner with love and also try to understand their point of view. You’ll notice it’s much more suitable than just winning the argument. After all, its love that has to win and not your differences. 

  1. Give your partner a hug

They say nothing works better than a tight hug. So when there is a fight or disagreement of some sort and there is no way to get rid of it with verbal aid, why not get some physical aid? And what’s better than a sweet hug? Don’t be afraid to ask for a hug and don’t be afraid to ask for one. This physical touch will remind you both that you two love each other and your love is stronger than this disagreement. This will also help you two to get into bigger fights and hurting each other’s sentiments.

  1. It’s okay to go to bed angry

Normally everybody believes that going to bed angry is toxic for the relationship. But recently the experts have suggested that it’s okay to go to bed angry since it is kind of really hard to come into an agreement on the very same day when you have a big disagreement or a really big fight. So don’t panic or think about it as a bad sign. Give your partner and most importantly give yourself some time, get enough rest to calm down and think about the matter or disagreement with a cool mind. Don’t worry about it. Trust me it’s absolutely okay! it won’t harm your relationship. After all it’s good to give some times to things and make them better? isn’t it?

  1. Bring some humor

Believe it or not humor is a great tool to avoid jumping into a disagreement. Humor has always been a great help to release the stress, anger, anxiety or soothing the nerves. Apply it to release the tension. Trust me it’s one of the wisest thing you can do. When the agreement is not meeting its end try to come up with a good joke, I’m sure it is going be a wonderful thing for your relationship. And apart from being humorous also try not to be sarcastic, ironic or mean to your partner. You might end up with the bigger and more damage than the expected one. Always, always go for a simple, sweet or funny gesture or a funny word that can melt your partner’s heart.